“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” - George Bernard Shaw


Christmas in New York means Christmas market shopping in Union Square followed by a walk to Chelsea to try out one of three Chipotle test kitchens, featuring Nate Appleman. Appleman, a young chef who has won the culinary world equivalent of Best New Artist at the Grammy’s, is now heading the Chipotle in Chelsea.

I ordered a barbacoa burrito bowl with guacamole. The mild salsa at this location was not pico de gallo, but it was actually a red salsa with a slight kick. The corn, which is sweet in Appleman’s version, in the corn salsa was not roasted, but possibly boiled. The barbacoa was juicier than usual, and made the burrito bowl a bit soggy. That being said, it was quite delicious. Chipotle always makes me too full, but at least my taste buds are happy on the way. Appleman’s changes are definitely worth the trek to the location in Chelsea, no matter where your closest Chipotle is. 

Angel liked that the meat in his carnitas burrito was crispy. He also enjoyed the fresher cilantro taste in my burrito bowl. 

149 8th Ave
New York, NY 10011